#51 “Does stress make you happy? Let us find out how we can make use of stress to fulfill our dream!”

第51回 9/1(金)開催 Collaborate with DAncing Einstein

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■ セッション概要(Outline of session)






「ダボスの経験を東京で」第51回には、ストレスをメタ認知し、とらえ方を変えるという視点でマインドフルネスや神経科学というテーマを掲げ、今この分野で一番ホットな青砥瑞人さんをお招きして、お話を伺います。青砥さんは、米国UCLAで神経科学を研究された後、DAncing Einstein(を創立され、教育分野そして最近では経営分野についても新たな風を起こしておられます。





“Does stress make you happy? Let us find out how we can make use of stress to fulfill our dream!”

How many people feel stressed out under continuous changes, information storm and time pressure?

 According to the “World Happiness Report 2017” ( ) recently published by Sustainable Development Solutions Network at United Nations, Japan is ranked at 51 in the world, lowest among G7 countries. Generally, Japanese tend to feel stressed much more than other developed countries; thus, it is important for us, in Japan, to understand stress and learn how to handle it.

 Stress is reported to be linked both to worries/depression and happiness etc. in quite complex mechanisms. One way to understand the mechanisms is to think about relationship between stress and purpose of life. To understand our stress and to make our life full, we turn to neuroscience. Have you heard of neuroscience and its use in business applications?  Have you heard of “mindfulness,” one of the hot topics as it is practiced by many entrepreneurs and companies such as Google:

  At the 51st Davos experience in Tokyo, we will find out how we address these issues of stress, mindfulness and neuroscience from our expert, Inventor Mizuto Aoto of DAncing Einstein. After studying neuroscience at UCLA in the US, he founded the company, DAncing Einstein( has worked on many projects for education and lately for business application.

After the hot/humid summer, we believe this topic will be a great kick off for productive and meaningful life for the rest of the year 2017.  Join us on Friday, September 1.

■ 参加に当たってのお知らせ


   All session will be implemented in English; thus, we welcome all who are interested in Global Agenda.


   The maximum number of participants are 40



Davos experience in Tokyo サイトはこちら: (外部サイトへ遷移します)            

  We will take the pictures and video throughout session, and we may use it on SNS or HP.

4.【参加費】 4000円(学生 2000円)

   Fee 4000 Yen (Students are 2000Yen)


5.  日本では世界的な課題について英語で議論し、解決案を考え、実行する場が少ないのが現状です。
 もっと世界を舞台に、堂々と議論できる人を育てようという目的からから毎月行われているのが、一橋大学名誉教授の石倉洋子が担当するプロジェクト「ダボスの経験を東京で」(Davos experience in Tokyo、以降「DEX」)シリーズです。                                                      

To lead young people to be Global innovative leader, we offer opportunities for young people to discuss about global issues, express their opinions, and share with others in English. Participants will engage in breakout group discussion with diversified people, like the most exciting part of WEF Annual Meeting in Davos.

■ 開催概要


    1.一橋大学名誉教授 石倉洋子によるプレゼンテーション


ウィルソン・ラーニング ワールドワイド株式会社 1F イノベーションセンター





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